Auspherix Welcomes O’Neill Report on Drug Resistant Infections

Auspherix, an early stage anti-infectives company, today welcomes the O’Neill report on antimicrobial resistance “Tackling Drug-Resistant Infections Globally” which calls for large pharmaceutical companies to participate in the development of new treatments. Research has almost halted in the past 25 years because antibiotics are expensive to develop and provide relatively small returns.

Dr Neil Miller, CSO of Auspherix said, “We chose to establish operations in the UK in order to access the pool of highly qualified scientific talent and to leverage the supportive environment for entrepreneurs and the biotech sector that the UK government has encouraged. Our lead programmes are making excellent progress and we believe the antimicrobial profile of our proprietary compound series offers enormous potential for the development of a new arsenal of drugs that will be required to treat the growing numbers of resistant bacterial infections.”

Read the full report here.

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